3-Game Analysis

3-Game Analysis

3 Game Analysis detialing 2 Key Performance Indicators and a development plan after each game review. 

  • Product Info

    3 Game Analysis - Player will recieve clips from their game that are annotated/commentated to show exactly the details needed to learn/improve to take their game to the next level. 

    Clips will focus on the most critical element of your game that needs to develop. In addition, the player will recieve a detailed plan on how to train to acquire/improve the certain skills/habits/tactics to reach the next level.

    The analysis will take place over 3-4 months to allow for proper development. The goal with the long-term plan is to provide the analysis and skill sequence plan, have the player transfer it into their game, and then get new video to then find the next most trainable area to develop. 

  • Video Upload

    It is the families responsilbity to provide a suitable way to deliver the video footage. Some potential options: 

    Hockey TV

    Livebarn (within 1 month)


    Google Drive

  • Product Delivery

    Please allow 7-10 days after video is received to receive your analysis package back.